ODE Help Desk

Posting in Discussion Board

Creating a Discussion Board Thread

  1. Click the Discussion Board link on the course menu.
  2. Click on the name of the forum in which you would like to post a thread.
  3. Click the Create Thread button.
  4. Enter the thread Subject. This is similar to the subject line in an email and should be concise yet descriptive enough to encourage users to click on and read your thread.
  5. Now type your Message. This text box is where you add the body of your post.
  6. If needed, you can attach a file to your post using the “Browse My Computer” and “Browse Content Collection” buttons. If you would like to embed an attachment into the body of your post, such as an image or streaming sound clip, you can use the appropriate attachment buttons in the text box editor.
  7. When your message is completed, click Submit to post your thread. If you need to save an incomplete thread before posting, click the Save Draft button.

Replying to a Discussion Board Post

To respond to another user’s post on the discussion board:
  1. Click on the subject of the thread to which you will be responding.
  2. After reviewing the author’s message, click the Reply button.
  3. Type your response in the message text box.
  4. Click Submit to post your reply.