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Creating and Joining Groups - Students

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If the instructor has allowed the option, students may create and join groups on their own in their Blackboard courses.

Creating a Group

To create a group as a student:
  1. Go to Tools
  2. Click on Groups
  3. Click on Create Group
  4. Enter a name for the group
  5. Choose a name for the Sign-up Sheet. This is the name your classmates will see when choosing a group to join.
  6. Enter the max number of users, including yourself, allowed in the group.
  7. Click Submit to save your group.

Joining a Group

To join a group:
  1. Go to Tools
  2. Click on Groups
  3. Find the group you wish to join, and click the Sign Up button below it.
  4. You will now see who is a member of that group and how many people are allowed. To finish signing up for the group, click the Sign Up button.
  5. You will then be taken to the group page where you can interact with your group.