ODE Help Desk

Clear Assignment and Test Submissions

Student assignment and test submissions can be cleared by instructors to allow the student to resubmit an assignment or retake a test.

  1. Go to the Full Grade Center
  2. Click the menu button next to the student's score, In Progress symbol, or Needs Grading symbol in the cell for the assignment or test grade column.
  3. Select View Grade Details from the menu.
  4. On the grade details screen you can select Clear Attempt or Ignore Attempt. Both will allow the student to resubmit work if the assignment/test is still available to them.
    • Clear Attempt: This option completely deletes the student's attempt from Blackboard. This is permanent, so use with caution.
    • Ignore Attempt: This option hides the submission so that students can resubmit work while leaving the original submission available to instructors.