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Grade Center Views

Grade Center View Options

Smart Views are used for filtering what information is displayed when accessing the Grade Center. Users can now choose to see only activities that need grading, assignments only, or tests only, or other custom Smart Views.

To access Smart Views, click Grade Center on the control panel. To view the standard, unfiltered Grade Center, click Full Grade Center.

Needs Grading: This Smart View offers a clean, quick view of ungraded activity within the Grade Center. Click here to review only those user submissions that have not been graded.

  1. Once Needs Grading is clicked, a list of ungraded submissions will appear.
    • To grade all activity, regardless of assessment type, click the Grade All button.
    • To grade only activity within a specific assessment, hover next to the item name for the chevron and choose Grade All Users on the drop-menu.

  2. A single student attempt will be displayed, including the assignment description, any files or comments submitted by the student, and areas to assign grades and feedback.
  3. You may choose to override/revert a grade by using the Last Graded Attempt button.
  4. Once the attempt has been graded, click the Submit button to move on to the next attempt.
  5. When grading is complete, click the Exit button to return to the Needs Grading area.
  • Assignments: This Smart View offers a traditional Grade Center view, filtered to display only columns associated with assignment links within your course.
  • Tests: This Smart View filters the Grade Center to display only columns associated with tests within your course.

Creating Smart Views

  1. Click on Grade Center and go to Full Grade Center.

  2. At the top, click on Manage and select Smart Views.
  3. Click on Create Smart View.
  4. From this screen, enter a name and select the criteria for your Smart View.

Adding more Smart Views to the Control Panel

  1. Click Full Grade Center.
  2. Hover the mouse over the Manage button, then choose Smart Views on the drop-menu.
  3. Many Smart Views are pre-populated, including views for Blogs, Discussion Boards, and Journals. To add one of these views to the Control Panel, click the button to Add as Favorite.
  4. The new Smart View will be displayed on the Control Panel when you refresh the page.