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Common Question Formatting for Respondus


This helpguide is intended to serve as a quick reference for formatting common question types for use with Respondus test generation software. When creating test questions within a text editor, such as Microsoft Word or Notepad, the format templates below will ensure that questions are imported successfully into Respondus.

For all types, the question must be preceded by a sequential number, a period or right parenthesis, and a space. For question types with predetermined answer choices, the answers must be preceded by a letter, period, and a space.

Note: It is extremely important to follow formatting or errors may occur. Remember the following formatting tips for all question types. Start each question with the question number, followed by a period, a space, and then the question text (1. What other nameā€¦). If the period or space is missing between the question number and question text, the question will not be registered by the software and errors will occur.

Multiple Choice

Designate the correct answer with an asterisk directly in front of the answer choice. Multiple choice questions can have up to 20 answer choices, but only one correct answer can be selected.

1. What other name is commonly used in the U.S. for the Seven Years' War?
a. War of 1812
*b. French and Indian War
c. Revolutionary War
d. War of Roses

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Multiple Answer

Presentation is similar to that of multiple choice questions, but selection of multiple answers is allowed. Blackboard will grant proportionate point values for partially-correct answers. Several question types require clear Type classifications in order to be imported into Respondus. For Multiple Answer questions, specify the question as "Type: MA", as shown below.

Type: MA
8. Which of the following individuals are credited with determining the exact speed of light?
a. Albert Einstein
*b. Albert Michelson
c. Thomas Edison
*d. Edward Williams Morley

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True or False

As with multiple choice, designate the correct answer with an asterisk in front of the answer choice.

2. John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces was left unpublished for more than a decade following his suicide.
*a. True
b. False

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As subjective assessments, essay questions require no predetermined answer choices, but they must be clearly identified by type, as shown below. Question type must be specified by beginning the question with "Type: E".

Type: E
3. Provide an example of a novel featuring stream-of-consciousness elements, as well as a description of the effect of the style on the narrative.

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Fill in the Blank

Fill in the Blank questions include a text box in which students must type an answer. Unlike with essay questions, instructors can establish multiple acceptable answers, which Blackboard can use to objectively grade the question. These answers are not displayed to students during the exam. Students must type in exactly one of the possible answers in order to receive credit. Students who submit answers with typos or misspellings will not automatically receive credit, though the instructor can opt to give credit while reviewing the exam. Question type must be specified by beginning the question with "Type: F".

Type: F
4. Spain's two most valuable exports from the Americas in the sixteenth century were
a. gold and silver
b. silver and gold
c. gold, silver
d. silver, gold

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Multiple Fill in the Blanks Questions

Questions with multiple fill in the blank sections should designate acceptable answers within brackets. As with standard Fill in the Blank questions, students must type exactly the predetermined answer in order to automatically receive credit. These predetermined answers will not be displayed to the student while taking the test. Multiple possible answers can be assigned for each blank, and must be separated by commas within the brackets. Question type must be specified by beginning the question with "Type: FMB".

Type: FMB
5. William Shakespeare's [The Tempest, Tempest] is regularly discussed as a critique of colonialism, especially in Prospero's subjugation [Ariel, Caliban] and [Caliban, Ariel].

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In matching questions, both parts of the match must be separated with an "=" symbol. There should be no line breaks within the answer, though single spaces are allowed before and after the "=". Question type must be specified by beginning the question with "Type: MT".

Type: MT
6. Match the correct name to the discovery or theory.
a. Michelson-Morley=Speed of Light
b. Einstein=Theory of Relativity
c. Marconi=radio waves

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Answer choices must be listed in the correct order for this question type. Presentation will be randomized once imported into Blackboard. Question type must be specified by beginning the question with "Type: ORD".

Type: ORD
7. Put the following presidents in order of service.
a. George Washington
b. John Adams
c. Thomas Jefferson
d. James Madison
e. James Monroe

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