ODE Help Desk

Attendance Tool

The Attendance tracking tool allows instructors to mark whether a student is present, late, absent, or excused. It can also be linked to the Grade Center.

Using the Attendance tool

  1. Go to Course Tools
  2. Select Attendance
  3. You will be prompted to choose whether students can earn points for being late. Enter percent value and press Save.
  4. IMPORTANT: The default point value for the Attendance grade is 100. If you wish to change the point value it MUST be done before marking any attendance. Click here for steps to change the points possible.
  5. Student attendance can now be marked each day by selecting the appropriate option next to each student.
    Note: Marking a student as Excused will create an exemption so the student does not lose points. If the student attends every other meeting, they would still receive full points for participation in the course.
  6. You can view overall attendance for each student and attendance statistics by selecting the Overall option in the top right of the attendance page.

Attendance Grading

  • Attendance scores are automatically reported to the Grade Center in a single column.
  • The column adjusts points daily as a running total. If a student attends the first meeting but is absent for the second meeting, their score would be at a 50%.
  • To change the default point value for Attendance, you will need to edit the Grade Center column.
    1. Go to the Full Grade Center
    2. Click the menu button next to the name of the attendance column and choose Edit Column Information
    3. Change the Points Possible to the desired amount.
    4. Click Submit to save the change.