ODE Help Desk

Copy a Course

Course shells, including all materials, assignments, and assessments, can be copied from semester to semester. Rather than recreating a course from scratch each semester, you can copy content from a previous course into new, empty course shells.

  1. Log in to the course that contains the content to be copied.
  2. Select the Packages and Utilities heading on the Control Panel, then select Course Copy.
  3. Click Browse to search for the course in which you would like to copy material.
  4. Select the destination course, then click the Submit button.
  5. Select the course materials to be copied using the available checkboxes. Any areas or tools not selected will not be copied.

    Note: If any graded items are to be copied, such as tests, assignments, or discussion boards, ensure that the Grade Center Columns and Settings box is checked.
  6. Under the File Attachments heading, select the middle option, Copy links and copies of the content.
  7. Once all options have been selected, click the Submit button.

An email will be sent to your university account when the copy process is complete.