ODE Help Desk

Kaltura Video Quiz

You can add interactivity to uploaded videos through the Video Quiz function on the My Media tab.

Creating a Video Quiz

  1. Navigate to Blackboard, log in, and click on the My Media tab.
  2. Click the Add New button and select Video Quiz.
  3. Click the blue Select button next to the video to which you would like to add quiz questions.
  4. Set the quiz options by expanding the Details, Scores, and Experiences tabs on the quiz editor.
  5. Navigate to the moment of the video when playback should pause to display a question.
  6. Click the question type icons to select the type, then click the icon again to edit the question.
  7. Enter the question and answer text as required by the question type. Click the + symbol to add multiple choice answers. Objective question types will display a green check next to the correct answer. Click the shuffle button in the top-left corner to quickly reorder answer choices.
  8. Click Save to add the quiz question. Navigate the video timeline to repeat the process and add additional questions at other points in the video. Click Done when finished adding questions.

Deploying a Video Quiz

  1. To deploy a video quiz in your course, choose Kaltura Video Quiz on the Assessments drop-down within a content area of your course.
  2. Click the Select button next to the video quiz you would like to deploy.
  3. Click Embed.
  4. Add a quiz Title, which will be added as a new column in the grade center.
  5. Assign a points possible and select the grade schema, then click Submit. (Note: Only multiple choice and true/false questions will be graded).

Reviewing Video Quiz Results

  1. To review student attempts, access your My Media tab, then click on the title or thumbnail of the video quiz.
  2. Select Analytics on the Actions drop-menu.
  3. Click the Quiz Questions and Quiz Users tabs to review quiz results.