ODE Help Desk

Adding a Course Link

Course links enable you to link one part of your course to another, providing clarity for students as to which area to go to next without having to search for it directly.

To add a course link into your course:
  1. Access the content area where you want the file to appear and make sure the Edit Mode is set to ON.
  2. Hover over Build Content.
  3. Choose Course Link on the drop-menu.
  4. On the Create Course Link screen, click Browse.
  5. After pressing Browse, the following window will appear.
  6. On the drop-menus, choose the content you wish to link to. After clicking on the selection, the pop-up will disappear.
  7. Next, choose the options you want for the Course Link.
  8. After all the settings are to your liking, click on the Submit button to add your course link. You will see a message showing the link was created successfully.