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Adding Alt Text to Images


In order to guarantee accessibility for all users, alternative, or ALT text is essential for all images used in content delivered in online courses. Screen readers, such as JAWS and NonVisual Desktop Access, cannot interpret images beyond location and file name, so we must manually provide descriptive text to images which screen readers can read to users with visual impairments. A relevant image file without ALT text may be ignored by the screen reader, or only its file name may be read without contextual description.

Adding ALT Text to Images Embedded in Blackboard

When adding an image directly within a textbox editor in Blackboard, such as when creating an announcement or item, enter the ALT text on the Insert Image pop-up page.
  1. Click the Attach Image button on the textbox editor toolbar.
  2. When the Insert Image pop-up page appears, browse for and select the desired image.
  3. Enter a description of the image in the Image Description area of the image options box. This will be used at the Alt Text for the image.
  4. When all desired options have been set, click the Submit button.
  5. Once the item has been created, hover your mouse over the embedded image. The Alt Text will appear.