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Tests - Using Question Sets


In addition to traditional random blocks, Blackboard includes question sets for utilizing randomized pools of questions.

What is the difference between a question set and a random block? Random blocks pull questions at random from an entire pool, with no customization available to select which questions from the pool to include or exclude. Question sets allow instructors to tailor which specific questions to use for the block. For example, if a pool contains 5 questions on aphasia and 5 questions on apraxia and you would like students to receive one randomly-selected question on each topic, a random block cannot be used to achieve this. Because random blocks pull questions without discrimination from a pool, it is possible that one student could receive two questions on aphasia, another could receive two on apraxia, and another yet might receive the desired one of each. With a question set, you can specify which questions to draw from, based on individual selection, keyword, or level of difficulty.

Creating a Question Set

  1. Click Course Tools on the Control Panel, then select Tests, Surveys and Pools on the expanded menu.
  2. Choose Tests
  3. Click the Build Test button and name your new test, or edit an existing test.
  4. You should now be on the Test Canvas page.
  5. Hover over the Reuse Question button, then choose Create Question Set on the drop-menu.
  6. By default, no test and pool questions are displayed for inclusion in the question set. To add to the range of questions displayed, select any pools or tests you do not wish to search for questions.
  7. Select the questions to include in the question set, then click Submit.
  8. Select the number of questions to display at random from the question set.
  9. Finally, set the number of points per question, then click OK.

Editing a Question Set

  1. Navigate to the Test Canvas for the test to be edited.
  2. Click to display the Questions in the Set.
  3. To add additional questions to the set, click the Add Questions button.
  4. To remove questions from the set, check the box to the left of the question, then click the Remove Question button.