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Tests - Creating Random Blocks

Creating Random Blocks

Random Blocks randomly select questions from a pool to be presented each time the test is taken. Unlike Question Sets, each random block can only be drawn from a single pool. You can only create random blocks from pools, not other tests.

  1. Create or edit a test.
  2. On the Test Canvas page, hover your mouse cursor over Reuse Question on the Action Bar and click on Create Random Block.
  3. On the pop-up window, select the pool or pools from which to draw questions. Next, select the type of question to draw from each selected pool. All questions that meet the criteria will be added to the random block.
  4. After you have selected all pools and question types to include in the random block, click Submit. The random block of questions should now appear in your test.

Note: When you add questions to a test using the Random Block feature, each question is linked from the original pool. Therefore, if you edit question within the pool, the revised version of the question will also appear in your test(s). However, after the test with the linked question is deployed, the questions will no longer reflect revisions made to the original.