ODE Help Desk

Test Exceptions

Blackboard allows you to establish exceptions to the existing options on deployed tests, so you can use separate options for individual students or groups. These exceptions include availability options, force completion settings, and the time allowed for an attempt.

To set options exceptions for a deployed test:

  1. 1. Click the options button next to the test link, then choose Edit the Test Options on the drop-menu.
  2. The Test Options page will load.
  3. Scroll down the page to the Test Availability Exceptions heading.
  4. Click the Add User or Group button to select individual or groups of students.
  5. Select the users who will receive an exception, then click Submit.
  6. Set the exceptions for each selected student. The available exceptions include:
    • Attempts: Grant extra attempts or restrict attempts for the student.
    • Timer: Extend or restrict the timer for the student.
    • Availability: Extend or restrict the length of time the test is available to the student.
    • Force Completion: Turn force completion on/off for the student.
  7. Once all options have been set, click the Submit button to save your changes.