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Reusing Test Questions

Reusing Test Questions
  1. Click Course Tools on the control panel, then choose Test, Surveys, and Pools on the expanded menu.
  2. Click Tests on the Tests, Surveys, and Pool page.
  3. Click the Build Test button or Edit under an existing test.
  4. On the Test Canvas page, hover over the Reuse Question button, then choose Find Questions on the drop-menu.
  5. Select criteria options to choose which types of questions are displayed. You can search for questions by pool, test, or question type. In the sample image below, only questions in the Chapter 1 Pool are being displayed for reuse in this test.
  6. Select the questions to reuse. Select questions individually using the checkbox to the left of each question listed, or choose the select all option to reuse every question displayed.
  7. Select the mode of reuse, Copy selected questions or Link to original questions.

    Note: You can easily reuse questions from previous assessments when creating or editing a test. When reusing questions you can choose between copying or linking to questions found within other tests. Copying a question creates a duplicate version of the question, so any modifications you make to the copied question do not affect the original test. This means that you can modify questions for specific uses without affecting other tests, but it does lead consistency issues and can require editing the question multiple times across multiple tests. Linking to a question does not create a duplicate, so any changes made to that question are reflected across all tests that also contain links to the edited question. This makes editing a question across tests much simpler and faster, but does not allow for unique edits to a question for a specific test only.

  8. The number of questions selected is displayed at the bottom of the page. When all desired questions have been selected, click Submit.
  9. The reused questions are displayed on the Test Canvas page and can be modified as needed.