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Creating and Grading Group Assignments

Creating a Group Assignment

Assignments can be setup to allow group submissions. Only one student from each group needs to submit the assignment and, when graded, the score applies to all members of the group automatically.

To create a group assignment:
  1. Enter the content area in which the assignment link will be created.
  2. Hover your mouse over the Assessments button, then choose Assignment on the drop-menu.
  3. Designate the assignment name. Provide instructions within the text box, as needed.
  4. Assign a point value for the assignment next to Points Possible.
  5. Click on “Submission Details” under Grading.
  6. Select “Group Submission.”
  7. Select which groups to include as assignment recipients. To make your selections, click the group name, then click the arrow pointing to the Selected Items column. Repeat to add additional groups.
  8. Once all options are set, click Submit to finish assignment creation.

Grading a Group Assignment

Only one member is required to submit an assignment for the group. All members of the group will display a "Needs Grading" marker in the Grade Center.

To grade a group assignment:
  1. Click Grade Center on the Control Panel, then select Full Grade Center on the expanded menu.
  2. To view the submission, select the options button within a student's cell, then click the Group Attempt option.
  3. Provide a grade and feedback as you would when grading an individual assignment.
  4. The grade and feedback will be assigned to and made available to all members of the group.