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Creating an Assignment

Creating an Assignment

Assignments allow instructors to create coursework and manage the grades and feedback for each student separately. In an assignment, you can include a description, point value, and file attachments. You can create assignments in any Content Area. Students access the assignment, type a submission or attach files, and submit it. You can respond to each student separately with comments and attached files. In addition to individual assignments, you can also distribute assignments to course groups.

To create an assignment:

  1. Go to the course content area where you want to create the assignment.
  2. Hover your mouse over the Assessments button.
  3. Select Assignment on the drop-menu.
  4. Provide a name for the assignment. This will be what the students see in the course area to access the assignment.
  5. In the Instructions box, type instructions for the assignment and add any necessary information the students will need to complete the assignment.
  6. In the Assignment Files section, attach any necessary files.
  7. Set a due date, if desired. Submissions received after the due date will be marked as late in the Grade Center.
  8. Enter the Points Possible. If you have created a rubric for the assignment, you can add it here.
  9. Select the Submission Details link to expand the Submission Details menu.
  10. Select the Assignment Type.
  11. Select the appropriate Number of Attempts.
  12. You may utilize SafeAssign by checking the appropriate boxes under Plagiarism Tools. SafeAssign will check student submissions for plagiarism and provide a report showing any matches.
  13. Select the Grading Options link to expand the Grading Options menu.
  14. Anonymous Grading can be used to hide student names during for a specific timeframe or until all submissions are graded.
  15. Select the Display of Grades link to expand the Display of Grades menu.
  16. Select the appropriate grade display for the assessment and whether you’d like a secondary display to be shown in the grade center.
  17. Select whether you’d like this assessment to be included in the grade center for grading calculations, whether you’d like the grade to display in the grade center for the student and whether to display statistical data about aggregate grades for the entire class.
  18. Under Availability, be sure to check the box next to Make the Assignment Available. You can control access to the link by setting the display dates.
  19. Click Submit.
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Editing an Assignment

  1. Navigate to the course area containing the assignment.
  2. Click the options button to the right of an assignment's name and select Edit.
  3. On the Edit Assignment page, make the desired changes.
  4. When you are satisfied with the changes to the assignment, click Submit.
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Deleting an Assignment

You can delete an assignment at any time. If students have submitted work, deleting the assignment will also delete the submissions. You can choose whether or not to keep the associated grades. IMPORTANT: Once deleted, student submissions are not recoverable

  1. Navigate to the course area containing the assignment.
  2. Click the options button to the right of an assignment's name and select Delete.
  3. Click OK to continue.
  4. On the Delete Assignment page, choose from the two options listed:
    • Preserve scores in the Grade Center for this Assignment, but delete the assignment and all its submissions.
    • Delete this Assignment, the Grade Center item for this Assignment, all grades for this Assignment, and all submissions for this Assignment.
  5. Click Remove to delete the assignment or Cancel to keep it.
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