ODE Help Desk

Creating a New Test

Blackboard provides access to numerous question types, including multiple choice, true/false, matching, calculated, and essay. Instructors assign point values to the questions as they create them. The majority of questions are auto-graded, so after students submit their answers for grading, the results are recorded in the Grade Center. Students can find out their score immediately after completing it if all questions are auto-graded and the Instructor releases this information.
To create a new test:
  1. Click the Course Tools link of the Control Panel.
  2. Click Tests, Surveys, and Pools on the expanded menu.
  3. Click the Tests link on the Tests, Surveys, and Pools page.
  4. Click the Build Test button to begin creating the test.
  5. On the Test Information page, enter the test name, provide a description and instructions for students.
    • Test Name: This is a required field. The name is the title text that appears in the course content area and is the link students click to begin the assessment. Use a descriptive name to help students identify the test.
    • Test Description: The description is visible to students before they click on the link to take the test. This is a good place to explain test settings/options that affect students such as whether the test must be completed in one sitting, whether the test can be taken more than once, and other information important to students before they take the test.
    • Test Instructions: Instructions appear when the test is launched. Test settings always appear under the instructions when a student launches the test, but at that time, the test has already begun.
    Once satisfied, click Submit to continue. Once the Test Information is submitted, the Test Canvas will open. Use the Test Canvas to build the Test.
  6. Hover your mouse over the Create Question button, then choose a question type from the drop-menu.
  7. Provide the question text, answers (if applicable), partial- and extra credit options, and randomization options, as needed. Click Submit to create the question and add it to the test.
  8. Continue to create questions as needed.
  9. To edit or delete a specific question, click the question's Options button.
  10. Once all questions have been added, click the OK button at the bottom of the page to return to the Tests page. The test created will be displayed. The test has now been created, but is not yet linked to a Content Area. The test must be deployed and made available before students can enter the assessment.