Sending an Email through Blackboard

1. Click the Tools button on the course menu.

Tools button

2. Click the Send Email link on the Tools page.

Send Email link

3. Choose the email recipient. Several options are available:

  • All Users: Send email to all of the users in the course.
  • All Groups: Send email to all of the groups in the course.
  • All Teaching Assistant Users: Send email to all of the Teaching Assistant users in the course.
  • All Student Users: Send email to all of the student users in the course.
  • All Instructor Users: Sned email to all of the instructor users in the course.
  • Select Users: Select which users will receive the email.
  • Select Groups: Select which groups will receive the email.

For this example, we will choose to select users.

4. Click the Select Users link.

Select Users link

5. To select recipients, click to highlight a user, then click the arrow pointing to the Selected Items column. Only those users in the Selected Items column will receive the email.

Adding email recipients

Note: To highlight multiple users at once, hold the control button on your keyboard while selecting names.

6. Enter the subject and email message.

7. Click the Attach a file link to send a file, such as a group presentation, to the recipients.

8. Click Submit to send the e-mail.

Note: Replies will be received at your university webmail account. Emails are not stored in Blackboard.