Posting a Thread in the Discussion Board

1. Click the Discussion Board button on the course menu.

Course menu

2. Enter a discussion board forum by clicking the forum title.

Forum list

3. Click the Create Thread button.

Create Thread button

4. Provide a subject for the thread. Much like an e-mail subject, this is the title that users will read and click on in order to view your full thread.

Type your full thread within the large Message text box. Be aware that most instructors do not allow the modification of posts once they are submitted, so ensure that proofreading is done before posting.

5. Use the various file attachment buttons to include Word, Powerpoint, image, sound file, or video files within your posted thread.

File attachment buttons

Place your cursor over the buttons to view a description of each button's function. From left to right, the bottom row of buttons are for general file attachments (Word, Powerpoint, PDF, etc), embedded images to be displayed within the message, MPEG video, Quicktime video, audio, and Flash.

6. Click the Submit button to post the thread to the discussion board.