Viewing My Grades

To view the My Grades section of Blackboard:

1. Click the My Grades button on the course menu.

Course menu with My Grades button

2. If your course does not have a My Grades button, click the Course Tools link.

Tools menu

Then click the My Grades link on the Tools page.

My Grades link

3. The My Grades page displays several columns, including the graded item name, due date, date of submission or grading, grade, and points possible. To view detailed feedback, such as a returned paper with instructor comments or to review a completed test, click the grade for the item.

My Grades page

4. View the Icon Legend to understand some of the symbols typically displayed within the grade book.

Grade book icon legend

  • The Completed icon is displayed for surveys and assignments that require only complete or incomplete verification instead of a grade.
  • The Needs Grading symbol is to alert instructors of a submissiong that requires review.
  • The Attempt in Progress icon implies that a student is currently taking an exam. As a student, you will only see this symbol in the My Grades area if you have saved an exam for later completion, or have been locked out of an exam.
  • The Grade Exempted icon is displayed when a score has been dropped by the instructor. This score will not count towards or against your final grade.
  • The Error icon suggests a serious error within the grade center. To our knowledge, this icon has never been displayed within our Blackboard system.