Creating a Collaboration Session

Collaboration Sessions are real-time lessons and discussions. Two Collaboration Tools are available: Chat and Virtual Classroom. Chat is an exchange of text messages online. Virtual Classroom is a shared online environment where users can view links, share desktops, exchange files, and chat. Both types of collaboration can be recorded and saved for future review.

Follow the steps below to create a collaboration session:

1. Click Course Tools on the Control Panel, then select Collaboration on the expanded menu.

Course tools menu expanded

2. Click the Create Collaboration Session button.

Create Collaboration session button

3. Assign a session name. Add dates of availability, as needed. Sessions not limited by dates will remain on visible at all times.

3. Choose which tool to use for the session.

  • Chat Sessions allow users to interact with each other through a text-based environment. Chat can be used as a stand-alone tool or as a part of the Virtual Classroom. There is a 1,000 character limit for individual Chat messages. Users in a Chat Session may send messages to the group or send private messages to selected users.
  • The Virtual Classroom environment includes a shared White Board, a Group Browser, a Question and Answer Box, and a Menu that can be used to navigate to places in the Course.

Choose session tool

4. Click the Submit button to create the collaboration session.