Creating a new Thread in a Forum

Threads are the next lower level of hierarchy in a discussion board below the forum. A forum can have multiple threads. Threads grow as users reply to the initial, and subsequent, posts.

To add a thread:

  1. Login to your course.
  2. Click on Discussion Board in the course menu.

    Discussion Board link in the Course Menu
  3. Click on the name of the forum to which you would like to add a thread.
  4. Click on the Create Thread button.

    Create Thread button
  5. Complete the Create Thread page.

    • Enter a subject and your message.

      Create Thread page


    • You can attach a file to your post by clicking the Attach a file link, then clicking on one of the available Browse buttons depending on the location of your file - files can be located on your local drive or in your Blackboard Content Collection folder. - Only one file can be added using the Attachments option below the text box.

      Attach file(s) to Thread
    • When using the Attach File button in the Visual Text Box Editor, multiple files may be added.

      Attach File button in the Visual Text Editor
  6. When your message is completed, click Save Draft to store a draft of the post or click Submit to create the thread. 

    Cancel, Safe Draft, and Submit buttons of the Create Thread page

Modifying and Publishing a Saved Draft

Drafts are considered unpublished and are invisible to other users in the course.

  1. Enter the forum in which the draft was saved. 
  2. Click on the thread title to view your draft.

    Link to draft
  3. Click on Edit.

    Edit button of the Thread Detail page
  4. Once any necessary revisions are completed, hit the Submit button to publish the thread, making it visible for other users.