Using the Glossary Manager

1. Click the Course Tools link on the Control Panel, then select Glossary on the expanded menu.

Glossary link

There are two methods to add terms to the glossary. The first method is direct input, which requires manually entering text into Blackboard. The second method is to upload a glossary from a file directly into Blackboard.

2. To manually enter a term, click the Create Term button.

Create Term button

3. Enter the term in the Term text box. Entering a term which already exists in the glossary will overwrite the existing definition of the term.

4. Enter the definition in the Definition text box. Once complete, click the Submit button to return to the glossary manager.

5.To upload a glossary file, click the Upload/Download button, then select Upload Glossary.

Upload glossary link

6. Browse for the glossary file to upload.

7. Select the processing method for the file. Choose Add the Terms in this File to the Glossary to add new terms, while preserving existing terms already in the glossary. Click Delete all Glossary Terms and Replace with the Terms in this File to create an entirely new glossary within the course.

Upload options

Note: Files uploaded to the Glossary must meet specific format guidelines. If uploading a text file, the appropriate format is "Term 1, Definition for Term 1."

Example glossary file