Adding Contacts

Contacts is a place where you can create contacts such as instructor or TA with profile information. This is a good place to add office hours, phone numbers, and other links to help students identify people who have a role in the course.

To add contacts to a Backboard course:

  1. Login to your course.
  2. Make sure you are in Edit Mode.

    Edit Mode
  3. Click the Course Tools link of the Control Panel.
  4. Choose Contacts.

    Contacts in the Course Tools section of the Control Panel
  5. If you have a group of people that needs to be contacts, i.e. guest speakers or teaching assistance, you can organize them in folders, otherwise if you have only one or two profiles to add, click on Create Contact.

    Create Contact button
  6. Complete the Create Contact page.

    Create Contact page


    • The only required field is Email; however, you might want to provide as much information as possible.
    • Be sure to set the availability of the profile to Yes under Options, otherwise your info won't be visible to other course participants.
    • For best results, the image size should be 150x150 pixels.
  7. Click Submit.