Managing the My Courses Module

1. Locate the My Courses module on the Blackboard homepage.

2. Click the settings button. The button looks like a small gear located in the top-right corner of the module.

3. Personalize your course list by choosing which courses to display on your My Courses module, as well as how much information associated with each course should be displayed.

  • By default, the course name and recent announcements will be displayed for all of your courses. You can also choose to display the course ID, instructor list, tasks and calendar events for each course.

4. To hide a course from your My Courses module, preventing it from showing up on your Blackboard homepage, simply uncheck all boxes for the course to be hidden, then click Submit.

All boxes unchecked to hide course

5. To restore visibility for a course, simply click the settings button on the My Courses module, then check any display options for the hidden course and hit Submit. The course will again appear within your My Courses module.

Note: Personalized changes made to the My Courses module are account-specific. Modifying display settings on your course list will not alter visibility settings for other Blackboard users associated with the course.