Copying a Course

Course shells, including all materials, assignments, and assessments, can be copied from semester to semester. Rather than recreating a course from scratch each semester, you can copy content from a previous course into new, empy course shells.

1. Login to your course.

2. Select the Packages and Utilities heading on the Control Panel menu, then click Course Copy.

Packages and Utilities Menu

3. When prompted to "Select Copy Type," Choose to "Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course."

4. Click the Browse button to search for the destination course.

5. Select the course in which you would like to copy materials, then click the Submit button.

Course selection

6. Select the course materials to be copied. Any areas or tools not selected will not be copied. If tests or assignments are to be copied, ensure that the "Grade Center Columns and Settings" box is checked. 

  • Do not select Enrollments to be copied. This will pull past rosters into new courses, granting former students access to your current course. 

Do not copy enrollments

7. Click the Submit button to begin the copy process. An email will be delivered to your university account once the copy is complete.