Modifying the Course Menu Style

1. In order to change the appearance of the course menu, select Customization on the Control Panel menu, and then click Style.

Customization menu

2. There are two basic styles from which to choose, text or buttons. Toggle between the two styles to preview appearance settings for each style.

Text Style
Buttons Style

Text style


Buttons style

3. Depending on the style chosen, you will have different options with the Style section to customize.

  • For Text style, background and text color are customizable.

  • For Button style, color, shape, and texture pattern options are plentiful.

4. Users can also opt for a branching, expandable course menu.

Folder View screenshot

To engage the branching menu style, select Folder View in the Course Menu Display section.

Select Folder style

  • Selecting "Permit Both Views" allows students to switch views according to preference.