Archiving a Course

A course archive is a compressed, complete record of a Blackboard course shell. The archive file contains all content and user interactions, such as discussion board posts and submitted assignments. The archive file can be saved locally for backup and restored into an empty course shell for future use.

1. Click to expand the Packages and Utilities section of the Control Panel menu, then click Export/Archive Course.

Click Export/Archive Course

2. Click the Archive button.

Clicking the archive button

3. Check the box to "Include Grade Center History" to include all records from the grade center. You can also choose to include copies of all Content Collection items linked to in the course. Both of these options increase the size of the archive, but ensure a complete archive of the course.

All archive options checked

4. Once preferences are set, click the Submit button. The archival process can take several minutes to complete. An email notification will be sent upon completion.

5. When the completion notification is received, re-enter the Export/Archive Course area. The archived course file should now be listed, along with a creation time stamp for identification.

List of saved archives

Importing a Course Archive

1. Enter the course into which you would like to import archived material. Click on the Packages and Utilities section of the Control Panel, then click Import Package/View Logs.

2. Click on the Import Package button.

Import Package button

3. Click Browse in the "Select a Package" section to search for the archive package on your computer.

  • If content collection items were included in the archive, you will want to designate a folder for storage of the files when they are re-uploaded. Click the Browse button in the "Folder for Content Collection Files" section to select or create a folder within the content collection for these files.
  • If no folder is selected, no content collection files within the archive will be uploaded.

Browse options

4. Select which course materials to import. To restore all content from the archive, simply check all available boxes for course materials. You also have the option to pick-and-choose which content items to import and which to leave out. Once all desired materials are selected, click the Submit button to begin the import process.

  • Note: The process can take several minutes to complete. An email confirmation will be delivered when importation is complete.