Adding a Survey

1. A created survey must be deployed before students have access. To deploy, click into the content area to which you would like to add the survey link.

2. Within the content area, click the Evaluate button, then choose Create Survey from the drop-menu.

Create survey on drop-menu

3. Select the survey from the Add Survey list, then click the Submit button.

Select the survey listed

4. Set survey availability, as desired. The link must be made available before students can access the survey. Availability can be limited by checking the "Display After" and "Display Until" boxes and setting specific date and time limits.

5. Set the feedback students will be able to see following survey completion. Students can see Complete/Incomplete status, Submitted Answers, or both. They will not be allowed to see a summary of overall survey results.

6. Establish the presentation mode and randomization options.

7. Once all options are set, click the Submit button to deploy the Survey. It will now be listed within the Content Area.