Adding a Course Link

Course links enable you to link one part of your course to another providing clarity for students as to which area to go to next without having to search for it directly. For example, you may create a discussion board forum where students discuss the class readings. A link to this forum on the discussion board may be placed in the content area of your course where the articles are posted. Creating a Course Link

  1. Login to your course.
  2. Choose the content area where your link should be added. 

    Course menu displaying two sample content areas: 'Course Information' and 'Course Content'
  3. Make sure the Edit Mode is ON.

    Blackboard Course Information Content Area displayed in Edit Mode
  4. Select Build > Create Course Link.

    Create Course Link command
  5. Complete the page. 

    Under Course Link Information

    • Enter a Name for the course link.
    • Select the color of the link.
    • Use the Text box to add a description of the link.

    Under Course Link

    • Click Browse to open the Course Menu in a separate window.
    • Select the item on the Course Menu that you want to link to. The course area chosen will be listed in the Location field.

      Course Link section of Create or Edit Course Link page

    Under Options

    • Use the Display After and Display Until checkboxes and the date fields to choose date and time restrictions for the item.

      Options section of Create or Edit Course Link page


  6. Click on Submit. Your added link will look something like this:

    Sample course link