Creating Course Folders

Folders are useful for organizing and structuring content in a Blackboard course. Once a folder is created, content such as assignments, external links or tests and additional sub-folders may be added to it.

To add folders to a content area:

  1. Login to your course.
  2. Open a content area by clicking on it in the course menu.

    Course menu displaying two sample content areas: 'Course Information' and 'Course Content'
  3. Make sure the Edit Mode is ON.

    Blackboard Course Information Content Area displayed in Edit Mode
  4. Hover over the Build menu and click Create Folder.

    Create Folder command under the Build menu of a Content Area
  5. Enter Folder Information and Folder Options.

    Under Folder Information

    • Enter a a descriptive name for the folder. The name is the linked text that appears in the content area.
    • Choose a color for the text of the folder name. Be sure to select a color that will provide enough contrast with the background of the content area so users can easily read the text.
    • Enter a description of the folder, or any instructions for using the folder in the Text box.

      Folder Information section of Create Folder page

    Under Options

    • To restrict users from seeing the folder, select No next to Permit Users to View the Content Item. This will make the folder unavailable, but will not affect the availability of items in the folder if they can be accessed another way, such as through the Content System or on a Course Tool page.
    • Click Yes next to Track Number of Views to record the number of times the folder is viewed, when it is viewed, and by whom.
    • Choose date and time restrictions to control the appearance of the folder. Display restrictions do not affect availability of items in the folder.

      Options section of Create Folder page
  6. Click Submit to add the folder to your course.

    Example of an added course folder