Uploading Grades to the Grade Center

Blackboard allows you to upload Grade Center files that have been edited locally in a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel.  

1. Click Evaluation on the Control Panel menu, then choose Grade Center from the expanded menu.

2. Click the Work Offline button, then choose Upload on the drop-menu.

Work Offline menu

3. Click the Browse button to search for the grade center file. If the file was edited and saved on your local machine, click the browse button to Attach local file.

4. The delimiter type is set to auto by default, and should be chosen in most cases. Click submit.

5. Review the list of data from the file to be uploaded. Use the check boxes to de-select any data to be excluded from the upload.

6. Review the Data Preview column to verify the data being uploaded. Only columns which have data changes will list information in the Data Preview column. The Data Preview column will only show a sample of data in each column in the file.

Upload Grades confirmation page

7. Click Submit to upload the file.

8. The Grade Center will load. Any changes made to the grade center file should now be displayed within the Grade Center page.