Downloading Grades from the Grade Center

Blackboard allows you to download and save a grade center for use in a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel.

1. Click Evaluation on the Control Panel menu, then choose Grade Center from the expanded menu.

2. Click the Work Offline button, then choose Download on the drop-menu.

Work Offline menu

3. By default, the full grade center will be downloaded. To download a single column, click the "Select Column" radio button and choose the column from the drop-menu.

Selecting a single column

4. The default Delimiter Type is set to Tab, creating an .xls document. This option should be used if the file will be opened and edited in Microsoft Excel.

5. Choose the save location, either on your computer or within the Content Collection. If the file will be edited in Excel, save to My Computer.

6. Click the Submit button to create the grade center download link.

7. Click the Download button to save the file.

Grade Center file Download button