Creating a Pool

Test Questions can be added into Pools so that they can be stored for repeated use in multiple assessments. Pools act like repositories for sets of questions, which can be imported into and exported from Blackboard for reuse. Pool questions are only presented to Students once they are included in a deployed test or survey.

1. Click the Course Tools section of the Control Panel, then choose Tests, Surveys, and Pools from the drop-menu.

Course tools menu

2. Click the Pools link on the Tests, Surveys, and Pools page.

3. Click the Build Pool button to begin the creation process.

Create Pool button

4. Assign a name for the pool, as well as a description and instructions, if needed. Click the Submit button to move to the Pool Canvas.

5. Click the Creation Settings button to set default options for questions within the pool. When options are set, click Submit to save changes and return to the Pool Canvas.

Creation settings button

6. Click the Create Question button, then select the question type from the drop-menu.

Create question drop-menu

7. Provide the question and answer text, as needed, along with any preferences for partial credit, randomization, and other type-specific options. Click the Submit button to create the question and return to the Pool Canvas.

8. Once all questions have been created, click the OK button at the bottom of the page. This will return you to the Pool Manager page, on which the new question pool will be displayed.