Creating a Group Assignment

Assignments now allow for group submissions. In previous versions of Blackboard, group submissions were not linked together in the Grade Center, forcing instructors to assign a grade to each user within the group individually. To create a group assignment:

1. Enter the content area in which the assignment link will be created, then click the Evaluate button. Choose Create Assignment on the drop-menu.

2. Designate the assignment name. Provide instructions within the text box, as needed.

3. Assign a point value for the assignment.

4. Set availability limitations, as needed.

5. Within the Recipients area, designate the assignment recipient as "Groups of Students."

Select which groups to include as assignment recipients. To make your selections, click the group name, then click the arrow pointing to the Selected Items column. Repeat to add additional groups.

Assigning groups as recipients

6. Once all options are set, click Submit to finish assignment creation.

Grading a Group Assignment

Only one member is required to submit an assignment for the group. All members of groups with submissions will display a "submission needs grading" marker in the Grade Center, even those users who did not submit the file.

1. Click Evaluation on the Control Panel, then select Grade Center on the expanded menu.

2. To view the submission, select the options button within a student's cell, then click View Grade Details on the drop-menu.

View grade details on the option menu

3. Click the View Group Attempt button.

Attempts area on Grade Details page

4. Scroll to the Review Current Attempt heading to view any files or comments submitted by the group.

5. Assign a grade for the group submission. This grade will be given to each member of the group submitting the work. Click Submit to finalize grading.

6. Returning to the Grade Center, all group members will now have a grade assigned for the group submission.

Group members displaying the same grade