Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard provides a quick way to view user progress in a course. Instead of relying on course statistics, this provides information on the user's last login information including the number of days since a user entered the course. Instructors can also see the Review Status of all currently available items for a single user in the course.

1. Click the Evaluation section of the Control Panel, then select Performance Dashboard on the expanded menu.

Evaluation menu expanded

2. The Performance Dashboard contains view-only columns containing the course roster, last course access, and days since last course access for each user.

Performance Dashboard page

3. The Review Status column displays the number of content items that have been reviewed by a user. Click the numbered link for a detailed view of content items reviewed.

4. The Adaptive Release column displays which content items and folders are visible to the user. Click the folder icon for a user for a detailed view.

5. The Discussion Board column displays detailed discussion board statistics for a user. Click the link to display which forums the user has posted to and statistics about each post, such as post length and position. Forum names link to a Collection of posts for the user.

6. The Early Warning System column displays the number of warnings and the number of total rules that result in a warning for a user. Click the link to open the Early Warning System page for the user.

7. Click the View Grades link to display the Grade Center.