User Progress

The User Progress function allows instructors to see at a glance which students have access to a piece of content, and whether the item has been marked as reviewed by users.

1. To review user progress, enter the content area which contains the content item.

2. Click the options button directly to the right of the item, then select User Progress from the drop-menu.

User Progress on option menu

3. The User Progress page contains a user list, as well as visibility, review status and date reviewed columns.

4. An open eye graphic in the Visibility column indicates that the item is visible to the user. A closed eye covered by a red line indicates that the item is not visibile to the user.

User progress

5. Items that have been reviewed by a user are indicated by a checkmark in the Reviewed column. An open circle indicates that the item has not yet been reviewed by the user. If reviewed, a timestamp will be displayed.