Review Status

The Review Status feature allows instructors to track user review of specific content items. Review status is not automatic; you must enable this for each piece of content you wish to include in the User Progress page or Performance Dashboard. These pages indicate whether a user has marked an item as ‘Reviewed'.

1. Enter the content area which contains the assignment, item, or test you would like reviewed.

2. Click the options button directly to the right of the content item to be reviewed, then select Set Review Status from the drop-menu.

Set Review Status menu option

3. Enable the review function.

Review enable

4. Once enabled, students will have access to a "Mark Reviewed" button. Users click the button to acknowledge they have reviewed the material. Once clicked, the button changes to Reviewed. Instructors can check the status of user reviews from the User Progress page or the Performance Dashboard.

5. To check the status of reviews, click the options button for the content item, then select User Progress from the drop-menu.

User progress menu

6. The User Progress page displays the roster, review status, and date reviewed. A checkmark indicates that the item has been marked as reviewed by the user. An open circle indicates that the item is waiting to be reviewed.

User Progress page