Viewing Course Statistics

1. Click Evaluation on the Control Panel menu, then select Tracking Reports on the expanded menu.

Expanded Evaluation menu

Statistics are tracked regarding student activity within a course. Reports can be content area, discussion board forum, or group based. An overall summary of usage report can also be generated, which will be used for this example.

2. Click the options button to the right of the report focus to be used, then click Run.

Statistics report page

3. Select the report format. Reports can be generated in PDF, HTML, Word and Excel formats. The information generated in the report will be the same, regardless of output format.

Note: Pop-up blockers may prevent the display of reports in HTML format. Please ensure that pop-ups are allowed from

4. Select users to include in the report. To select multiple users, hold the control (Ctrl) button on your keyboard while clicking user names.

5. Select start and end dates for report statistics. The end date must be set to at least one day later than the start date. Once all specifications are set, click Submit to generate the report.

Report specifications

6. The report will open in a pop-up window in HTML format, or an download dialog box for PDF, Word, and Excel reports.

7. The report is organized into sections:

  • The first is a breakdown of access by application, allowing you to see how many times the student or students have clicked areas such as My Grades or the Journals page.

  • Next is the Access by Date section, listing the overall number of clicks per day.

  • Access by hour of day displays trends of when the student typically accesses the course.

  • Likewise, Access by day of week provides student access averages by day of the week.

Note: When viewing reports that include hit or access statistics, a hit is tracked every
time a request is sent to Blackboard Learn. For example, when tracking use of the
Communication Area: a Student accesses the Communication area (1 hit), clicks Discussion
Boards (2 hits), clicks a forum (3 hits), and clicks a message to read (4 hits).

If a user is unenrolled and then re-enrolled, only statistics since the re-enrollment are kept.