Entering Grades for a Gradable Item

1. Click the Evaluation link on the Control Panel, then choose Grade Center on the expanded menu.

Evaluation menu

2. If a student has submitted an assignment, an exclamation point will be displayed in the cell, signaling a submission that needs grading. Cells that contain a dash symbol do not contain a user submission.

For empty cells, such as those associated with assignments submitted in the classroom, simply click within the cell to gain a cursor, then manually enter the grade. Press Enter on your keyboard or click away from the cell to save changes. Press the down arrow on your keyboard to save changes and move to the cell below for grading.

To view a student attempt submitted through Blackboard, click the options button within the cell.

Grade center options button

3. Click View Grade Details.

View Grade Details link

4. The Grade Details page displays attempt information, such as submission dates and grade history. To view the attempt itself, including submitted files or comments click the Open Attempt button.

Open attempt button

5. Scroll down to section three, Review Current Attempt. Students are able to present information through three distinct areas of the Assignment page. The Submission area is used to submit simple text responses. The Attached Files area will display any files submitted by the student. The comments area includes any supplemental text comments included by the student, if applicable.

Review Current Attempt area

Click the file link to download and view the attached file.

6. Assign a grade for the submission.

7. Optionally, you can provide the student with feedback, which they can access through the My Grades section of Blackboard. General comments and feedback can be typed in the Comments area. Instructors can also attach and return files as feedback, including graded Word documents using the embedded commenting feature.

To attach a file, click the Browse for Local File button or the Browse for Content Collection Item, depending on the current location of the file.

Once selected, the file name will be listed. Click the Attach File button to finalize attachment. If the Attach File button is not clicked, the student will not have access to the feedback file.

Attach file button

To remove an attached file from the feedback area, click the Do not attach link.

Do not attach link

8. Use the Instructor Notes area for comments and documentation that will not be shared with the student. Information entered here is accessible exclusively to instructor users within the course.

9. Click Submit to finalize grading and provide feedback, if applicable.